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Ordinance 113, 1988 - Income Tax - On the verification of results, for tax purposes, of commercial lease operations
Ordinance 140, 1984 - Income Tax - Establishes norms relative to commercial lease considerations as regards the inclusion into the net profit on the taxable period in which they were due
Ordinance 564, 1978 - On the depreciation of goods object of commercial

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Laws - Provisional Measure




Provisional Measure



The LAM - Letter from rentals Mercantile, a new tool to capture, claiming a major industry, is providing better conditions for companies to raise funds for leasing. The Government acknowledges that the instrument needed to companies leasing transactions, decisive step towards providing the sector of resources, time and appropriate conditions to better meet the growing demands for the development of productive investments and meet the Brazilian society.

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It informs procedures for adequacy of accounting and audit rules applicable to financial institutions and others authorized to operate on behalf of the Brazilian Central Bank to the provisions of Law no. 11.638, of 2007.

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