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Resolution (EN)

It prevents the collection of expenses arisen from the issuance of bank payment slips, amending article 1 of Resolution No. 3.518, of 2007.
Disposes on the treatment of the additional provision for credit operations, (arrendamento mercantil), and other operations with credit granting characteristics.
Disposes on the adoption of the classification, accounting records and sales and financial assets transfer operation disclosure procedures discussed in Resolution No. 3533 of 2008.
Establishes special criteria and conditions to perform loan operations in foreign currency discussed in Provisional Measure No. 442, and provides other actions.
Changes and consolidates the regulations governing the supply of information about credit operations to the Central Bank of Brazil.
Gives the option of applying classification, accounting records and sales or assets transfer operations procedures discussed in Resolution nº 3.533, of 2008 beforehand.
The assets object of commercial lease operations which must be recorded in the fixed assets of leasing institutions.
It sets up procedures for classification, accounting booking and divulgence of sales operations or transfer of financial assets.
Regulates the information and release of the actual total cost corresponding to all charges and expenses from financial leasing and credit operations, contracted with or offered to.
Forbids the rate charging as a result of an advance settlement of financial leasing and credit concession agreements, and stipulates criteria to calculate the present value for amor.
Amends Resolution no. 3.477, of 2007, which regulates the institution of an organizational ombudsman component by the financial institutions and other institutions authorized to ope.
Regulates the institution of an organizational ombudsman component by the financial institutions and other institutions authorized to operate by the Central Bank of Brazil.
Regulates the providing of payment services referring to salaries, retirements, and similars, without charging any rates.
Sets forth the provisions on the advance acquittance of credit and leasing operations.
Changes the Regulation annexed to Resolution nº 2,309.
Authorizes credit derivative operations by the institutions specified herein.
Sets provisions on the performance of active tied operations by financial institutions.
National Debureaucratization Program.
It provides the classification criteria of credit operations and the rules to establish the provisions for credits of doubtful settlement.
Makes provisions on investment of societies, funds and portfolio investment funds.
Changes the Regulation annex to Resolution 2,309.
Exportation leasing.
Establishes criteria for accreditation and authorization of foreign credit operations in the interest of States.
Amends the Regulation attached to Ordinance # 2,309.
Disciplines and consolidates norms relative to commercial lease operations.
Defines criteria to be observed in foreign leasing operations.