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Circular Letter (EN)

It amends and consolidates the procedures to be observed in the issuance of information to the Credit Information System (SCR), dealt with by Memorandum No. 3.445, of 2009.
It creates an accounting subheading for control of the amounts of additional provision to credit operations, commercial lease and other credit concession-featured operations at Cosif.
Creates accounting headings and subheadings and sets forth other arrangements for control of the tax credits types at Cosif (Accounting Chart for Institutions of the National Financial System).
It divulges the Manual of the Declarant of Brazilian Capitals Abroad - Reference Date 2008.
Informs procedures for the delivery of the contract for a foreign-currency loan and also the corresponding documents and warranty. Resolution No. 3,672 of 17 December 2008, Memorandum No. 3,434 of 4 February 2009, and Communication No. 18,040 of 5 February 2009.
Addresses procedures for the sending of information regarding market risk exposure, as mentioned in Memorandum No. 3,429 of 2009.
Provides a detailed breakdown of the Operating Risk Exposure Indicator (IE).
Clarifies the procedures to be used for calculating the Required Reference Equity (PRE) amount related to the operating risk (POPR) which Circular 3383/2008 is about.
Provides clarifications on the issuing of reports by the director or the administrator responsible for the Ombudsman Division referred to in Circular Letter no. 3370, of 2007.
Defines type of custody in "Sistema Especial de Liquidação e Custódia - SELIC" (the Special Liquidation and Custody System) for federal government bonds connected with the compulsory collection and ma
Discloses procedures on the provisioning of information regarding compulsory collection and mandatory cash on hand over capturing of inter-financial deposits of leasing companies.
It provides explanations concerning the provisions in Resolutions no. 3516 and 3518 and the Circular no. 3371, all of issued in 2007.
It creates headings at Cosif for raising resources of commercial lease companies by means of Interfinancial Deposits.
Establishes criteria for foreign loan operations.
Advance acquittance of leasing operations.
Foreign credit operations.
RDE - Electronic Declaratory Registration.
Publishes changes in the Regulation on Exchange Agreement.
Amends the regulation annex to Circular 2,731.
Amends Regulation Annex to Circular 2,731
Establishes procedures for authorization of remittances abroad resulting from operations registered under the regulation annex to Circular 2,731
Changes the regulation annex to Circular 2,731
On assets and liabilities operations subject to minimum terms performed in the financial marketplace, their respective compensations and consolidating norms in this respect.